IMG_4001Welcome to Gardening, Seattle Style, a blog about how we garden in the Pacific Northwest. My name’s Karen and I’ve been a garden designer for some 10 years, an at home gardener for 20. I love helping clients transform their outdoor spaces and I love transforming my own. I get energized when dreaming of plant combinations, tidying up established borders, inventing new planting areas, removing past mistakes. It’s all part of the fun times I have in the garden.

This won’t be a how-to site, like how to make a sedum wreath or install a vertical garden, because I find assigned, end-result projects like these (while lovely) make me feel like I should be achieving more, like I should have the most creative, perfecty yard. I’m already a mom, a horticulturalist, a writer, and an educator. So I’d rather spend my free time playing in the garden, building a beautiful space for me and my family, and sharing it with other gardening nerds. And I encourage you to do the same. Don’t worry too much about how to do it, just get out and enjoy the process. Hopefully, in reading about my gardening experiences, you’ll be inspired to make more of your own.

Happy digging!


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